Company Background
Company Background


In 1978 Globespeed Ltd. was established by Mr. Herzl Zamir.  The company was to become the premier solution provider for the entire air freight community in the region.  Three decades later Herzl Zamir is still the Company's Chairman overseeing the company's professional and dedicated service.

Globespeed's aim is to make sure that its professional and dedicated service is free of any conflict of interest and as a result its staff able to provide its services to the entire industry.

As a solution provider the company's team involved itself in the entire process thereby giving a one-stop-shop solution to its clients.

Today Globespeed has established itself as the most effective cargo GSA in the region.  It represents some of the world’s most reputable airlines providing full airfreight activities.

Globespeed is a member of the following organizations: 




       Israel Export Institute

       Israel Chamber of Commerce




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